Judge Program

The Judge program is very simple to understand, you simply signup as a judge and then you can start acting as a judge for escrow transactions that have select you as a judge. This gives you the ability to solve any disputes that arise on those transactions. For each escrow transaction you judge we give you 30% of what we make as the fee. So for example on a 1 BTC escrow transaction where we get 1% you would make 0.003 BTC*.
Just 3 Steps to signup

1. Click the signup button below
2. Enter your bitcoin address and email address if you want to notifications
3. Press Submit and save your Judge ID!

* You only recieve payment for your judged transactions when all deposited funds for that transaction are released

How it works?

Welcome to the world's simplest Bitcoin based escrow service, proudly powered by Coinapult. All it takes is 3 easy steps to get started :

1. Choose the type of escrow and if you are the buyer or seller
2. Enter the buyer's and seller's email and/or public key
3. Enter the amount in USD or BTC, and press Submit!*

We keep your funds as secure as possible either being stored with Coinapult for transactions fixed to a fiat value or in cold storage.

* We charge a 1% Fee for using our service